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New Vine: Godly Character in the "Real World"
The New Vine Fellowship program brings God's word to practical, day to day living.  It does so in ways that build our character to face the trials of life, and help us in breaking our bondage to sin through Jesus Christ.

In short, it brings... Freedom...

...through a Bible based study of what the master of life, God Himself, has to tell us about how to live.

Imagine buying a car, and finding it filled with buttons and levers, all with neat little pictures on them.  For all your pressing and peering, you find some functions just don't make sense.  So what do you do?

Simple.  You reach in the glove compartment and pull out the "owners manual".  But sadly, we weren't born with a glove compartment or owners manual, so what to do?

God, of course, has an answer.  The Bible is many things -- one of which is that it is masterfully written by the Author of life itself to show us who we are both as a people, and as individuals.  Knowing and understanding both who we are, and how God wants us to live, gives us incredible tools for successful day to day living.

Although developed primarily for use in addiction treatment, the program has proven to be of use for people in churches, prisons, and addiction ministries alike.

It is unique in its focus on building Godly character, and not on an individuals past behavior.  This allows simultaneous benefit to those with personal concerns as diverse as sex addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, or simply struggling in jobs or relationships.  In New Vine, one need not talk about the specifics of ones "stuff" to reap the benefits.

New Vine at New Horizons Fellowship meets Wednesday nights at 7:30 at the church.

Contact John Griggs at 610-444-1247 or 302-897-5221
for more information.

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